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Please note 
All appointments are located at 26 Finaghy Road South Belfast  & Domicile visits are not available  

A simple guide to booking your appointment online in 4 simple steps.

To book your appointment online, please use the simple 1- 4 step guide (just below).

     1.  Select your appointment type  (chose from option A, B, C, or D)

     2.  Pick the date & time of your next appointment.

     3.  Complete a few details & please ensure your 'Email address' is correct.

     4.  Click 'Confirm Booking' to complete the booking process.

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Live  'Online Booking' - (immediately below)

(please select from A, B, C, or D 

  Appointment options

Professional affiliations
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Northern Ireland Branch
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 Online appointments are instantly confirmed !

(Automated email notification)

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