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Foot Types

Foot Types


Common foot types:

Our feet are our body's first shock absorbers. They alternately flex and stiffen as the body moves. At first contact with the ground the human foot absorbs impact and responds to uneven surfaces. Then after a very short phase of self stabilisation, the foot finally stiffens to act as a lever. The heel rises and the body is propelled forwards. Feet can be classified into three broad categories, the categories are based on how they perform in their functional role.

Hyper-pronation,  where the inner arch of the foot flattens too much and the foot rolls inwardly thereby distributing weight unevenly. This is one of the most common foot problems (and can affect all age groups, male and female).

Hyper-supination, when the foot leans to the outside, weight is distributed along the outside of the foot. Supination is the opposite of pronation, hyper-supination reduces the body's natural shock absorbing capability (often the cause of many foot pathologies).

The 'Neutral foot',  Whilst viewing from the rear,  the centre vertical line of the heel maintains a straight line with that of the centre line of the lower leg. In this position the weight of the leg on the foot is distributed evenly across the length and breadth foot.

You may overpronate or oversupinate in one or in both feet. You may even overpronate in one and oversupinate in the other. Similarly you may have one neutral foot and the other foot may be overpronated or oversupinated.

Whatever your foot type, proper foot function is vital. With the use of very modern techniques and materials it is now possible to re-establish eifficient  foot function. Nowadays very many patients benefit significantly from custom-molded insoles (these custom insoles and professionally known as Orthotics). Custom orthotics properly support the arches and curves of your feet (as individuals Left & Right)  in the neutral position. They hold your feet in a fully  balanced position (stance) and facilitate healthy foot and  lower leg function.


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