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Simple guide to booking an appointment online  


 There are 4 very simple steps to booking your next appointment online.

  • 1) Select the type of appointment that you wish to book.

  • 2) From the calendar, select a suitable date & time   – (only the available appointments are displayed).

  • 3) Then provide some details, - (Patient’s name,  an email address,  & telephone number).

  • 4)  Finally, click on the  ‘Confirm Booking’  button to finalise & complete your booking.


That’s it and a fully automated appointment confirmation will be sent (immediately) to your nominated email ‘Inbox’.​

Rare is the case, but if you cannot not find your confirmation email (in your 'Inbox').

Please check your email ‘Spam box’ as some ‘Automated response’ emails are filtered out.

(This may happen if you have higher than usual email settings).


Please note 

All patients under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (Parent or Guardian) at all times.

If you need to CANCEL or RESCHEDULE.

Please use the ‘Cancellation link’ located at the bottom of your original ‘Confirmation email’.

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 Online appointments are instantly confirmed !

All online confirmations are automated 24-7 

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